Gemstone Enchantment Lights – Rock Quartz


✶ RAW ROCK QUARTZ enchanting crystal lights.


✶ LENGTH APPROX 227 cms.

✶ USB plug for convenience, compatible with computers, power banks, or USB wall chargers.

✶ QUARTZ has a strong cleansing and enhancing vibration and can be used for many purposes.

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Rock Quartz gemstone lights: 20 quartz crystal rocks that emit a warm, inviting glow, ideal for creating a snug ambience in your bedroom, living room, patio, or any indoor space.

Place the enchanting crystals in a glass jar for a cosy bedside light or drape them along a shelf for an enchanting atmosphere. These enchanting gems are more than just lights; they are a harmonious blend of nature’s allure and modern technology, designed to enhance any setting.

The soothing radiance of real raw Rock Quartz gemstone lights will delight anyone.

Elevate your space and clarity with the purifying aura of Rock Quartz. These lights radiate a pure, cleansing glow, making them an ideal choice for meditation, enhancing mental clarity, and fostering a profound sense of balance.

The perfect ‘something different’ present for a crystal lover or to treat yourself!

The length of the lights is 227cm. 







**Safety First:** – **Avoid Moisture:** Never expose the lights to water or moisture. 

**Stay Cool:** Keep the lights away from heat sources. 

**No DIY:** Do not attempt to replace the light bulbs. 

**Unplug:** Always disconnect the lights when not in use. 

** Keep the lights out of reach of children and animals for safety.

Sourced from our reputable supplier. Made in China.

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