We have prepared some information about the seven chakras and crystal healing. Whether you have bought one of our crystal kits or just want to find out a bit more about crystals and how they can be used to balance your chakras, hopefully, we have some relevant information to help you. If your question regarding chakras and crystal healing is not answered here, by all means, drop us a line and we’ll endeavour to help!

Castle WIllow Crystals

At Castle Willow, we pack all our crystals with positivity. We carefully select the stones and crystals that feel right together, as well as size and colour (where we can!). However, we still recommend you take time to cleanse and program your crystals before using them.

Our crystal kits come with an explainer leaflet with a fold-out crystal grid, though you can find other crystal grid downloads here. There is also a black velvet storage bag to protect the stones from light and help you to carry them with you. The whole set comes in a grey recycled kraft box, foil embossed with our Castle Willow logo. It’s the perfect place to keep them or the perfect box to gift them!

Our first kit comes with 7 chakra crystals plus a free clear quartz pencil point for extra cleansing and healing power. Our ‘deluxe’ kit comes with the 7 chakra crystals, a rose quartz pencil point, a clear quartz pencil point and a selenite pendulum, which can be used for divination or for cleansing your chakra crystals.

You can also purchase a pocket-sized rose quartz point to keep with you and help with positivity or purchase the selenite pendulum separately.