How To Use Your Crystals

Whether you have bought your own Castle Willow crystals or just have some that you aren’t sure what to do with, here we tell you some ways to use your crystals.

As with any healing or spiritual practice, crystals are best used in a way that is right for you. There are many ways that you can use them and it’s up to your personal preference. Some ways will work better than others for you.

  • One of the most common way is to carry them with you in your pocket, tucked inside your bra or in your wallet or purse. Having them close focusses the energy.
  • Keep them near you, in a dish or beside your bed. You can even put them in your pillow case so that the crystals strengthen you when you sleep. You can use single crystals or a combination that work well together.
  • When you need specific energy, hold each crystal and concentrate on the energy you need.
  • You can place them on a crystal grid to further amplify the energy. A crystal grid is included in our crystal kits or you can download some here, free.
  • Use them as part of your meditation or yoga. There are specific yoga poses that match each chakra and can help reinforce each energy you want to concentrate on.
  • Why not use your crystals with water? (please check whether your crystal is waterproof first, as some are more porous than others). Some people use them in bathing, or to infuse water (to drink), and the infused water can be used in your beauty routine (rose quartz is a particular favourite for this.)
  • If you bathe with your crystals, either submerge tem in the water or place around the bath with some scented candles or incense to intensify the energy. You can buy incense targets to each chakra too, as there are specific smells that resonate with each energy.

Please, always check that your crystals are not too porous to be submerged in water. Also, important to remember is that some crystals are more fragile than others and may break if you place them in your pocket or under your pillow (selenite, we are looking at you!).

You should also be careful not to leave some crystals in direct sunlight for too long as the colour may fade. However, sunlight can also be used for cleansing your crystals. Read our section on this for more …

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