Balancing Your Chakras

In this section, we are going to talk about balancing your chakras. As you have read in our previous section, What Are Chakras, each chakra represents a different source of energy within the body. Once you have familiarised yourself with each chakra you can start to identify where you need more balance or more energy in a certain area.

As an example, we feel secure and grounded when our Root chakra is in balance, but when out of balance we can feel insecure and self-destructive. When the Sacral chakra is out of balance we can lack creativity and feel emotionally dry.

Each chakra has its own distinct purpose but they all work together as a whole. If one is out of balance it can affect all of the others.

Ways to balance your chakras

Paired with chakra, practising yoga, along with meditation and pranayama, can have a positive effect on whichever part of the body you feel you need to target. There are specific poses attached to each chakra which you can use to help balance your energy. There are a few ways to help balance your chakras:

Visualisation – imagining positive energy flowing through your body
Yoga – certain poses help to align the chakras and a regular routine will help
Pranayama – breathing techniques can help to calm and soothe
Essential Oils – the senses are open to smell and can help to calm or stimulate
Connect with Nature – go for a walk!
Crystals – crystals hold special energy and certain crystals connect with each chakra
Meditation – one of the most common ways to clear the mind

It is a good idea to keep a journal of your feelings so you can identify patterns of behaviour or worries, and when you focus on certain chakras or use your crystals, it will help you to see how your feelings or needs change, and what works for you. Balancing your chakras is important for your overall wellbeing.