Chakra Seed of Life Hand-Painted Wooden Crystal Grid


✶ SACRED GEOMETRY DESIGN: Features the intricate Seed of Life pattern with Chakra symbols, used for energy balance and harmony, perfect for amplifying your spiritual practices.

✶ HAND-PAINTED CRAFTSMANSHIP: Each piece is uniquely hand-painted and details picked out in gold , ensuring vibrant colours and detailed artistry.

✶ VERSATILE SIZE: 10cm diameter – perfect compact size, ideal for any altar, meditation space, or healing room, easily integrating into your spiritual practice.

✶ EASY TO USE: Simply place your crystals on the grid, set your intention, and activate to harmonise and amplify the energy of your crystals. Read more on crystal grids here.

✶ CLEAR QUARTZ STONES OPTION: why not include a set of 7 mini quartz tumble stones and set up your grid straight away!


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Chakra Seed of Life Crystal Grid: Enhance Your Spiritual Practice with the Seed of Life

Discover the transformative power of sacred geometry with our Chakra Seed of Life hand-painted wooden Crystal Grid. Perfectly designed for spiritual seekers, energy workers, and crystal enthusiasts, this unique piece is hand-painted in a watercolour style with gold highlights.

Key Features:

✶ Sacred Geometry Design: Showcases the Seed of Life pattern with each Chakra symbol, symbolising creation, unity, and the interconnectedness of all life, ideal for enhancing spiritual practices.

✶ Hand-Painted Craftsmanship: Every grid is hand-painted, ensuring each piece is unique. The vibrant colours and intricate details enhance the visual appeal and energetic properties of the grid. You can choose whether to include the crystals pictured – 7 mini clear quartz tumble stones.

✶ Versatile Size: Measuring 10cm in diameter, it’s the perfect small size for any altar, meditation space, or healing room.

✶ Easy to Use: Simply place your chosen crystals on the intersection points of the pattern. Set your intention, and let the grid amplify and harmonise the energy of your crystals. Read more information on how to set up a crystal grid here.

Why Choose Our Seed of Life Crystal Grid?

✶ Amplify Your Intentions: Use this grid to focus and amplify your intentions, whether it’s for healing, protection, manifestation, or spiritual growth.

✶ Enhance Meditation and Healing: The geometric pattern of the Seed of Life helps to align and balance your energy, making it a powerful tool for meditation, Reiki, and other healing practices.

✶ A Unique Gift: Perfect for anyone interested in crystals, sacred geometry, or spiritual practices. It’s an ideal gift for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion.

How to Use:

✶ Cleanse Your Space and Crystals: Before setting up your grid, cleanse your space and crystals to ensure they are free from any negative energies.

✶ Set Your Intention: Clearly define what you wish to achieve with your grid.

✶ Place the Crystals: Arrange your crystals on the intersection points of the Seed of Life pattern.

✶ Activate the Grid: Focus on your intention and visualize the energy flowing through the grid, connecting and amplifying the crystals’ energies.

Bring harmony, balance, and enhanced energy flow into your life with our Chakra Seed of Life Hand-Painted Wooden Crystal Grid. Elevate your spiritual practices and manifest your intentions with this beautiful and powerful tool.

Please note: this product is hand painted and therefore there may be some imperfections and variations in finish.

Option for mini clear quartz tumble stones: size approx 1-1.5 cm: natural quartz can have imperfections, and marks and vary in colouration and opaqueness – this does not affect the effectiveness of the stones. You may not receive the exact stones pictured!

Read more on crystal grids here.

Additional information

With Stones

With 7 mini quartz tumblestones, Without stones option


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